We're changing procurement

Pagabo isn’t just building an app - My Pagabo will become a new way of working. A change to traditional methods and technologies that we use in construction now.

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Development time (so far) on My Pagabo

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Total projects delivered through Pagabo Frameworks in 2019

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Total Social Value Enabled in 2019

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Total value of projects delivered in 2019

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Predicted 2020 rise in value of projects using My Pagabo

We're not just
building an app

We’re building a new way of working. My Pagabo will be a gamechanger for the procurement industry through streamlined and simple processes, and instant access to the very latest project information. It will become the first stop for using our frameworks.

Everything at your fingertips

Clients and suppliers have intelligent dashboards to provide real insights into projects, procurements and all the relevant information they need


Explore our Frameworks

Clients and suppliers can access and register for frameworks quickly.


Create your own projects

Clients can add projects quickly and manage the procurement process; suppliers can review and register for opportunities and submit their proposals.


Track the social value enabled by Pagabo

Forecast and manage your Social Value impact.


Creating a seamless experience

My Pagabo will be integrating with the industry’s leading technology suppliers including Sypro, SPC, CreditSafe and Moodbeam.


Learn how to efficiently procure through My Pagabo

Hints, tips, ideas, training; leverage My Pagabo and empower your organisation.


Our Roadmap


Looking for beta testers

From now


Contractor & Client onboarding

From June 2020

We’re looking for beta testers

As our app gets closer to completion, we’re really keen to get feedback from the people who use our frameworks. Are you one of those people? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Just click on the relevant button below and we’ll be in touch.

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I’m interested in the app
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